Spanish Embassies in Guatemala

Citizens from Guatemala can currently enter Spain without a visa for short stay visits. Though, when the ETIAS visa waiver program will be introduced in the next year or two, all travelers from Guatemala will have to obtain an ETIAS to be able to enter Spain.

Luckily, this online application process will be quick and easy to complete. In short, all applicants will have to do is complete information that include name, surname, residential address, date of birth and passport particulars. The purpose of this new European travel authorization is to increase security and help with immigration all over Europe. With this new ETIAS visa waiver, Guatemalan nationals will also be allowed to travel to the other Schengen countries.

In total, there are over 560 Spanish consular and diplomatic representations that are located overseas. Though, Guatemala boasts only two Spanish representations. Compared to other countries, this number is quite low.

There is the Embassy of Spain that is based in Guatemala City and one Consulate of Spain in Quetzaltenango. Guatemalan citizens can apply for visas to visit Spain at any one of these two locations.

In addition to these two Spanish representations situated in Guatemala, there are also Spanish representations in the following four neighboring countries: Belize, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico.

At this moment, Guatemala has eight representations in Spain. There is an embassy situated in Madrid and seven consulates in Alicante, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Seville, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Pamplona.

Travelers are advised to phone or send an email to the embassy first with any queries relating to their visas or passports to verify office hours.

Spanish Embassy in Guatemala

Here is a complete list of addresses and other contact details for the embassy and consulate in Guatemala.

Embassy of Spain in Ciudad de Guatemala contact details:
address icon
6a. Calle 6-48, Zona 9, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
address icon
address icon
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(+502) 2379 3530 / 50

Spain’s consulates in Guatemala

Consulate of Spain in Quetzaltenango

Head of mission: Yolanda Moreno de Pimentel, Honorary Consul.
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23 Avd. A 0-63 Zona 1, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.
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(+502) 7765-1464 / (+502) 7761-4341

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