Spanish embassies in Panama

The Spanish Embassy in Panama is one of the two Spanish representations in the country and it’s located in the capital city, Panama City. The embassy is the main point of contact to gather information and ask for assistance in applying for a visa for Spain.

Many citizens outside the European Union or the Schengen Area, need to apply for a visa to visit Spain. Depending on the nationality of the traveler, they may be allowed to enter the Schengen Area with an ETIAS Visa Waiver or they might need to apply for a Schengen Visa for Spain.

The Schengen Visa application process can take some times which is why it’s recommended to apply well in advance. The application can be submitted as early as three months prior to departure and ideally no longer than three weeks before.

Depending on the purpose of their trip, citizens of Panama may need to apply for a visa to travel to Spain or any other country within the Schengen area. To find out all the requirements and documentation they will need, it’s recommended to contact the embassy.

Below you can find all the contact information for the Embassy of Spain in Panama.

Embassy of Spain in Ciudad de Panamá contact details:
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Plaza de Belisario Porras, entre Av. Perú y Calle 33 A, P.O. Box 0816 - 06600 Distrito de Calidonia, Ciudad de Panamá, Panama
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+507 2276284
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+507 2071500

Spanish Consulate in Panama

In addition to the embassy in Panama City, Spain also has a consulate in David.

Consulate of Spain in David

David, or San José de David, is a city in the west of Panama, the capital of the province of Chiriquí. Here, Spain has an honorary consulate that can provide citizens with useful information regarding travel documentation for the Schengen Area. It is recommended to directly contact the consulate for inquiries and questions regarding visa regulations and for the updated office hours.
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Ave. De Obaldia, Apartado 0426-0158, David, Panama
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+507 7752588, +507 7757750

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