Spanish embassies in Serbia

Spain’s embassy in Belgrade, Serbia is the only diplomatic representation in the country and one of the 109 foreign representations in Serbia.

Spain is a country situated in the Mediterranean and it’s one of the most visited countries in Europe. While citizens from countries members of the European Union or of the Schengen Area can travel freely to Spain, most citizens outside these areas require some sort of travel authorization.

Serbian citizens are currently required to apply for a Schengen Visa to travel to Spain or any other country within the Schengen Area. This process is meant to change with the introduction of the ETIAS Visa Waiver from the end of 2022. ETIA is an electronic travel authorization meant to simplify the immigration process while strengthening border control. However, Schengen Visa will still remain in place for some of the countries.

To find out additional information regarding the documentation and requirements to apply for a Schengen Visa or any other type of visa for Spain, Serbian citizens can contact the Spanish embassy in Belgrade. The consular section of the embassy can answer all inquiries regarding the type of visa necessary and provide assistance in applying for a visa.

It is useful to keep in mind that usually, the application process for the Schengen visa takes around two weeks, with some rare cases extending up to 45 days, when additional documentation may be necessary. Travelers should take this into account when planning their trip.

Here are all the contact details of the Spanish Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia.

Embassy of Spain in Belgrade Contact Details

The Embassy of Spain is located in the center of Belgrade, near Tašmajdan Park. For inquiries, Serbian citizens can go in person at the embassy during the office hours or contact via email or phone.

Embassy of Spain in Belgrade contact details:
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Prote Mateje, 45, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
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+381 113444203
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+381 1134402 31/ 32/ 33/ 34/ 35

Note: The embassy remains closed on both Spanish and Serbian public holidays. Citizens can find a detailed list of all public holidays on the embassy website.

The Consular Section of the Spanish Embassy in Serbia is located at the same address and has the same contact information.

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