Spanish embassies in Ukraine

The Spanish Embassy in Kiev is Spain’s only official diplomatic mission in Ukraine. Located in the capital of the country, it is the point of contact for Ukrainian citizens and other foreign nationals to get information about traveling to Spain and assistance with applying for a Spanish visa.

Ukrainians who are planning to relocate and/or work in Spain can apply for the required visas and permits at the Spanish Embassy in Ukraine.

The Embassy is also the place where Spanish citizens in Ukraine can acquire a new passport or emergency travel documents, or otherwise gain assistance from their country.

Citizens of Ukraine do not need a visa for short stays in Spain. From the end of 2022, they will need to register with the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS), which can be done online.

However, Ukrainians who are planning to stay longer than 90 days in Spain or who wish to live and/work in Spain must apply for the relevant visa and permits at the Spanish Embassy in Kiev.

Similarly, foreign nationals who are not visa exempt must apply for a consular visa at the Spanish Embassy.

In order to obtain a consular visa for Spain, applicants in Ukraine must make an appointment with the Spanish Embassy. They have to complete an application form and provide supporting documents, including a valid passport. There is also a processing fee

Consular visas can take a while to process. It is recommended that travelers who need one make an appointment with the Embassy of Spain in Kiev and submit their application in good time before their trip, at least a month in advance.

For Ukrainian citizens who do not need a visa, the Spanish Embassy can provide useful travel information about Spain as well as information about visas and citizenship.

Embassy of Spain in Kyiv contact details:
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Khoriva St., 46 Kyiv 01901 Ukraine
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(+380) 44 425 4505
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(+380) 44 521 0740 / 1

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